Monday, October 18, 2010

Konrad Parol, S/S 11


Konrad Parol's S/S 11 'Ember' collection is by far my favorite yet. Somehow Konrad, at such an early stage in his career, has already established his own signature look (i.e. the giant hooded sweatshirt), while still experimenting to create unexpected pieces that keep me wanting more. How he managed to mix so many different elements together and yet still come out with a coherent collection is beyond me. Medieval armor/leopard print/raver pants/sleeveless pea coats and capes/rectangle sequins/draped jersey/structured pieces/rockstar pants never looked so comfortable together, unified by the best colour palette of the S/S 11 season.

I know that, as someone interested in fashion, I'm supposed to be all over capes this fall. But I think this is the only one I'd want to wear. So where can I place my pre-order?

Bravo, Konrad. 

I suddenly have an intense desire to read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I'm not at all sure how it's connected with the Ember collection, but I shall have fun finding out...

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