Saturday, October 22, 2011

Josefin Strid, A/W 11/12

Okay class, as a mid-term review, Swedish designer Josefin Strid (whose A/W 09/10 maxi dress will still be involved in inspiring my Vivienne recreation/masterpiece, if ever I get to it...) has kindly provided us with one simple piece that combines the following topics we've covered:

1) Aprons (see here and here, for example).
2) Men in skirts (see whatever).
3) Draping (pick a random kOs link, and chances are you'll see some draping nearby).

This comes from Josefin's A/W 11/12 'La Pianiste' collection (inspired by Elfriede Jelinek's book, The Piano Teacher) which is filled with gorgeous minimalistic/school-(or piano-)teacher pieces (which are mainly wool), such as the long dress below (which would give a whole different tone to 'whatever'...). These pieces are already available as made-to-order in Josefin's webshop, by the way (just remember the prices are in SEK).

Josefin also created a limited edition part of the collection which contains some fantastic looking pieces that make me think of Gareth Pugh's sliced dress. There's a brilliant strapless ballgown and a bustle-y skirt, but I believe those two pieces are made of leather. I am more than happy, however, to have to post this full length wool coat to demonstrate the sliced aesthetic. Rather depressing inspiration behind it, but quite a lovely effect, no?

(Photos via NJAL, Josefin's Facebook, and webshop.)

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