Saturday, October 15, 2011

and no dream is altogether a dream

You know it'll be a good weekend when you wake up to photos of Wolfgang Jarnach's newest collection. And, of course, a mountain of concord grapes awaiting their demise (what should I make today - focaccia or granita?). And so. Wolfgang has entitled the collection (presented at this past LFW's Vauxhall Fashion Scout) 'traumnovelle // dream story', inspired by Arthur Schnitzler's novella of the same name. I have no idea what the novella is about, but the 'girls' side of the collection has a very operatic feel to me, as well as a blatant desire to hide. It's really an interesting juxtaposition to have a completely sheer over-dress beside a dress that hides both the shape and half the face of its wearer (I'd love to try on both of these pieces), or a corset beside a mound-ish cape. The 'boys' side of the collection (modeled by Wolfgang's brother), on the other hand, is more runway than opera, with gorgeous tailored jackets and a romantic palette perfect for a midnight garden party. I'm especially intrigued by the half-shirt/half-smoking jacket piece. The hybrid may simply be suggested by its styling, but in my mind that's really how it's constructed. Ah Wolfgang, you remain my favorite German designer. And have I mentioned that I wear my scarf from you nearly every cold day?

(Photos via NJAL)

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