Saturday, October 1, 2011

Junya Watanabe, S/S 12

Last night I was questioning my decision to not wait till today to write the semi-annual 'YOHJ JUN VIV' post, seeing as I've already posted about Yohji, haven't posted about Viv, and the newest from Junya has just hit the Internets. But after seeing the S/S 12 collection from Junya, I think a separate post is entirely justified as I have more than a few words to say. And I need to live with the fact that no one else may find the 'YOHJ JUN VIV' title humourous anyway (think back to learning your primary colours...ROY G

And so. My head continued to spin whilst flipping through the photos of this collection, as over half way into it, all that had been offered was bird hats and lace and/or chiffon dresses that are vintage- and muumuu- inspired. In short, stuff I know will be raved about by a certain teenage blogger. Thankfully, there were a few chiffon jackets thrown over top of some of these dresses (as seen above) that gave me hope that there would be something at the end of the runway that I could latch onto. 

And how. I have to say, looking back on all my reviews of Mr. Watanabe's collections, he really does outerwear the best. Or, at any rate, I like his outerwear the best. So I suppose it makes sense that I'm a bigger fan of the A/W collections. Anyway, thank you, Junya, for creating these lovely trench coats. That iridescent material is quite lovely. We all know I'm a fan of the trench/cape hybrid, and you've taken them to the next level. Though I would wear non-white long sleeves with the short sleeved cape. Perhaps some mydearthing armwarmers...It is fall, after all.

(Photos via UK Vogue)

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