Sunday, October 9, 2011

Building Blocks

Question time: We all know that too many people wear leggings as if they were pants. But, would you wear pants as leggings? This could solve the problem I was considering having when a pair of '07 Alexander McQueen cropped pants (or long shorts) were on eBay at an extremely low price even just a couple hours before the end of the auction. Because, if you know me, you know I do not wear shorts outside of my apartment. However, if the shorts were (vintage) McQueen, I would make a special exception and hope to find a styling option that was suitable for my general aesthetic. The problem is, it's now fall and I hate the tights-and-shorts combo with a(n almost unhealthy degree of) passion. However, as indirectly suggested to me by New Zealand designer Sherie Muijs (found via NJAL), could layering pants underneath a shorter pair of pants be the solution? And what about under skirts and dresses, for that matter? My head says no, but my heart has yet to speak up. Any opinions?

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