Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Iteration

It appears that I'm most intrigued by clothing patterns that look simple on paper, but have great complicated theories behind them. (Remember Julian Robert's subtraction cutting method?) Hence why Russian designer Lisa Shahno's 'The Iteration' collection (found via NJAL) has me going repeatedly though the photos. The collection, created by squares divided by diagonals (the number of which depends on the piece), isn't based on origami or architectural ideas in the brick-and-mortar structure sense, as you might expect from looking at looking at the finished piece, but rather is based on the Fractal Cosmology theory, i.e. the possible architectural idea behind the structure of the universe. Whoa, right? I'm hoping that that winter jacket's connection to the universe means that it would thus magically/scientifically protect its wearer from any weather. Because I hear that my hometown is in for our coldest winter yet (for the 5th year in a row...). Why couldn't I live in a different fractal?

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