Thursday, October 13, 2011

Conchita Perez

There's something about Spanish-born and London-based designer Conchita Perez's work that makes me want to meet up with her for coffee and a bagel (with cream cheese). I have a feeling we would both prefer to live in another time, or within some epic novel. And there are so many different techniques and styles used throughout her collections, that her lookbooks look more like editorials comprised of a few different designers who all have a similar aesthetic. The lookbook for her 'Impression' collection in particular rather strongly reminds me of the stock photos seen in the merchandise created for the Met's McQueen exhibit. Rather fitting, in fact, as Conchita worked for McQueen after graduating in 2003. There's just something about these pants (above) that make me want to take up jousting or start quoting Shakespeare or something. And though I'd prefer not wearing the big pirate belt with the pants below, I have a feeling these would introduce a little swagger into my step either way. Speaking of pirates, I'm off to do some more reading. Somehow my Latin and Greek research has led me to cross-dressing pirates in Cervantes...

(Photos via NJAL)

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