Monday, September 26, 2011

A napron

In case you couldn't tell, I just didn't want to bump down the new Verlaine collection(s) with a new post this weekend. However, I think it's time for something new, and I do believe an ArtLab creation will fill the first post spot rather well. Apron dresses keep popping up on my radar, making me think that it's time I got one. And it would definitely have to be this ArtLab one, with it's clean cut, pockets, and asymmetrical bustle detail. Having the top portion removable (with snaps) is quite brilliant (see below). Of course I'd ask Patricia to switch out the leather strap for a canvas or elastic one. I also wonder if it's possible to make a winter-friendly apron with that gorgeous boiled wool she uses for her artisanal coat. By the way, is it weird that I hate halter dresses but like aprons? Hmm...

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