Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alice Palmer (for Jordan Baker)

So, for whatever reason, I just read The Great Gatsby. I know, that's probably a blasphemous thing for an avid reader like myself to say. It probably would've happened sooner if I weren't so obsessed with reading everything by David Foster Wallace lately, but here we are. And so. This morning it struck me that there was very little description of the clothing the characters wore. I suppose that's not entirely odd, as it was written in the period it's set in, so there was no need to create the period for its contemporary readers. Womenswear in the 20s was so fascinating though, so I would've liked some visual cues, particularly during the scenes of Gatsby's parties. However, when perusing some non-familiar designers who have shown thus far at LFW, I think I've discovered what the character Jordan Baker might've worn. She is described at some point as wearing all clothing including fancy gowns as if they were her tennis playing wear, and in at least two passages she appears to be balancing some invisible thing on her chin. With that in mind, I present to you a few spectacular pieces from Alice Palmer's S/S 12 collection. Isn't Alice a lovely name? 

(Photos via UK Vogue)

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