Thursday, September 22, 2011

Il pleure dans mon coeur/Comme il pleut sur la ville.*

Okay, I completely blame academia as a whole for me not sensing the second that the following two lookbooks were posted. And I profusely apologize for being unable to share them with you until this moment. Now, let's move on.

What you're seeing above is the S/S 12 collection from that magical mythical Lower East Side label known as Verlaine. My head is all fuzzy with Latin and hagiography and whatnot, but it seems to me that the collection turned out a wee bit different from the mood board and photos of the muslin samples that I saw in June. Which is in no way a bad thing, as I am extremely happy with how the Shakespearean-inspired jacket turned out (see below), for instance. There was a swatch of the eyelet tape on said mood board, but only drawings of how it was going to be used. I couldn't have imagined a better outcome. And that long flowy dress? Sigh. The collection as a whole is very distinctly Verlaine, with their perfect method of gathering and draping that doesn't add bulky volume to the sleek silhouettes. While the geniuses at Verlaine have thankfully brought some sanctity and sanity (i.e. the colour black) to the oft-too bright S/S season, this collection brings to the Verlaine table for the first time not just elaborate dye experiments, but a couple of prints and white pieces. As you know my bias leads me to post mainly monochromatic things here, I now put the responsibility on you to go to the Verlaine site to view these such pieces. They look better on a white background anyway.

And now, after all that about just wanting to post black pieces, I introduce to you the brand new basic line from Verlaine, V Verlaine. As it's not produced in NY like the mainline, but rather in Bali, it is set to be within a more affordable range, and consists of cotton and jersey pieces that you'd want to wear everyday (really, I wanted to take home the entire set of samples when I saw them in June). Rest assured that the Verlaine team is still very involved in the V line (indeed, I have a sneaking suspicion that having the production far away from NY is a convenient excuse for the extremely charming founder of Verlaine to frequently get away from the busy city and visit his friends in a beautiful location), and they are very excited about giving more people the opportunity to own their own Verlaine piece. As everyone should.

*Poetry provided by Paul Verlaine (1844-1896).

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