Monday, September 5, 2011

Spanish Caravan

This weekend marks my first real long weekend in about three and a half years. It also marks the beginning of what will be known as the Endless Gilmore Girls Marathon (i.e. my man did not know what he was doing when he chose my birthday present this year). To celebrate, the Internets has provided me some lovely eye candy to share with you. These are works by Montreal-based knitwear designer Maude Nibelungen (found via NJAL). Maude is actually responsible for the knit pieces in the premier collection of Audrey Cantwell's new label, Ovate, so we've already been introduced to her 'unorthodox and progressive techniques'. I, however, still need to figure out how to get myself one of these pieces. I'm not allowed to wear hoodies at work, you see, and so I've discovered that all of my warm layers are now strictly weekend wear. Sigh.

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