Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Take Off Your Cubist Literature

I can see! I just picked up my new Vivienne Westwood specs, courtesy of my work benefits. Well, $200 worth of glasses. I had to pick up the tab on the rest of them. It's a very minor prescription change, but I'm already getting a headache. Having one far-sighted eye and one near-sighted eye is extremely weird...

And I think my mom is web-stalking me. Mommy dearest? Shh, don't tell. No one knows I have a blog. :)

Speaking of web-stalking, I found out that the Take Off Your Clothes bone (remember the Double T-shirt Dress?) is connected to the Cubist Literature bone, and the Cubist Literature bone is connected to a Supermarket shop that has a new and most delightful t-shirt not yet available in either Etsy shop. I want both the brand-new Oversize Cowl Top and the Knit for Fish tote bag (available in both the Etsy and Supermarket shops). That tee is just so simple but incredibly awesome at the same time. I'm actually tempted to try and make the cowl top on my own, since I have two lovely AA grey Gary Fisher tees lying around that I got free with my bike. XL might be too big for me to work well with though. And I'm extremely lazy. So chances are I'll just stare at and/or buy the Top if it meanders over to Etsy.

P.S. I forgot to say that if you want to avoid a bad online shopping experience like I described below, shop at the recommended shops in the sidebar! All those people are simply fabulous in both excellent designs and unbeatable customer service. I only recommend a shop/designer I have bought at least one thing from, AND if the transaction(s) was enjoyable. That is not to say that these are only sellers I'd recommend though, as I have bought from many more designers and Etsy shops. These are simply the ones that adhere to my current style and/or budget restrictions. If you have a specific style/type of product that you're searching for, contact me and I'll let you know if I can recommend someone for you specifically!

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