Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Amanda Lepore, you have excellent taste

I know this news is old hat to the blogosphere by a few hours already, but seeing as I was afforded only a furtive glance before I ran out the door at 5:30am to do what I get paid to do, I'll just have to be a late bloomer. So: Amanda Lepore lauched her collection at The Shop this morning. And I am stunned.

My first impression: aren't there a lot more selections this month than in July? My second impression: these are not what I was expecting! There are quite a few pieces under 200 pounds, which I think is quite thoughtful of Miss Lepore. Also, there are quite a few basic pieces with a nice couture twist, which would make these very versatile in a lot of wardrobes, including mine. And I'm quite enjoying the increased number of unisex items, after my thinking outside of the box made those gorgeous Layered Trousers meander over to the Womenswear category last month.

And here are my favorites (so far):

From Womenswear: This gorgeous pullover from Reality Studio takes a genius twist on the draping and ruching that I demand daily from my clothing, here in the form of 'braces'. I haven't owned a pair of suspenders since I was a wee one (fluorescent orange ones, thank you). I think it's truly time to reintroduce myself. (Note to self: go back to Reality Studio in future - I do believe I've found another kindred spirit to clothe me.)

From Accessories: It's a vest. Created by buckles. If Sabrina Goh isn't a genius, I don't know anything anymore. (Am I the only one that thinks this model is channeling Queen Michelle here? Gorgeous!)

From the Unisex selections: This is so my dream jacket after my beloved VW Anglomania coat. I'll never own it, in part because it's a size small. But there are quite a few delightfully industrial unisex coats/jackets in Waks' A/W 09/10 collection, so I spose it's a faint possibility to own such wondrousness...

Edit: I was saddened to discover through Googling that the gorgeous 'Monstera Pullover with Braces' is not exactly a one-off. Perhaps I incorrectly assumed that all pieces in The Shop are such. However, you'll be happy to know that if you are not in the EU, The Shop's price is definitely the cheapest you'll find the top at (the 15% VAT will be wonderfully deducted). And if you miss out on this one in The Shop (which you may since I think I'm in love), do some Googling to get your own piece of Reality Studio goodness (or ask me for directions)!

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