Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jodhpur pants skirt, possible only by Attila Design

This is definitely one of the coolest skirts ever. I'm sure I say that a lot since I own a lot of skirts and love unique skirts to pieces. But I don't own a skirt by Tiina of Attila Design, and now I see that that is quite a tragedy. First of all, this skirt is a military-style pair of pants, but, well, in skirt form. AND, it's also jodhpurs. AND, it's also a pencil skirt. Seriously. This combines too many of my fashion loves to ignore (military pants, grey and green, snaps and straps, pockets and ruffles). And I know this would look way more amazing on than in the pictures, as I've found with Tiina's other designs. 

And while we're on the subject of lovely Tiina's amazing designs, check out this new neck warmer she just posted. It looks ever so cozy for the cold weather just around the corner. I think, however, that it's the (adjustable and detachable!) harness part of the piece that makes it incredible. This woman is unbelievable.

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