Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vacation time!

What a great start to my vacation!

1) It was foggy this morning for quite some time. I'd forgotten all about fog! It's so lovely! Definitely added to the cold fall feel, but it made for a delightful morning walk, especially with the delicious caramel macchiato I obtained half way through. (Photo via here, taken right by my house.)

2) I finally found some non-leather boots similar in style to those wonderful Camper boots! The brand is Blowfish, and they have a few different options of fabric boots at very affordable prices. I do love the scrunched up look, but they're not available in my size in the colour I'd want, so I'm thinking I'll go for the knee-highs...

3) And...the Fringe Festival has officially begun! We live just a couple blocks away from the heart of the festivities. I love having the windows open and hearing snippets of the microphoned street performers echo and bounce off the buildings and into my apartment all week. I was worried to see that my favorite drink stand isn't there this year, but it's been replaced by a local cafe's own stand. And I've discovered the most magical drink ever. They simply call it an iced apple cider. But, I swear to you, it tastes exactly like eating a piece of apple pie, crust included. My mind is boggled. Best $5 I've ever spent (and I have the whole week to return to that lovely stand!). Sigh.

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