Sunday, August 16, 2009

complexgeometries, A/W 09


Umm, yay! Cult Montreal-based label complexgeometries has had pictures of their A/W 09 collection up for awhile on their main site, but only had their S/S 09 collection for sale in their online shop. I haven't checked for at least a week so I'm not sure exactly when it was posted (edit: was just posted on Friday!), but the A/W 09 collection is now available to purchase! I'm assuming others were more vigilant in looking for updates, as some sizes and colours are already sold out (some pieces that say 'coming soon' also say 'sold out', so I'm hoping they'll still be available in the near future)! So happy to see pictures anyway though, as I think the shop pictures showcase the pieces much better. In fact, I had previously hinted that I liked the S/S 09 collection better, but this collection has now gained my favour. So many pieces! And increased convertible styling! And it's also fun to see how a lot of the pieces are unisex and a bit more elegant in style and materials than the S/S 09 collection. Definitely worth the slight increase in price from the last collection for these pieces, especially as they will be wearable for seasons to come.

By the way, I've only posted the above pieces in only one colour each and as styled only on the female model (in the case of the unisex pieces). Check the shop out to see the men's collection, as well as more colour and styling options (and order soon before your size is sold out too!).

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