Friday, August 7, 2009

3 blue pigeons...

1) The renowned Susie Bubble of Style Bubble has linked me under 'Cool Canadians'. I'm listed as 'Musings of Buffy Leigh'. Close enough I spose, eh?

2) While THE piece that I wanted to buy sold last night, Susi has posted even more one-off pieces from her Rag and Bone collection in her Quillinan shop (providing me with more options)! AND, she's opened another shop, etcétera, to sell her limited edition collections. Each piece is made of quality Peruvian cotton and are so reasonably priced that I want to buy every piece. I wish I was more comfortable wearing shorter tops and jackets though. Her Madame Bovary jacket is absolutely gorgeous!

3) The nose flute guy has returned! There's a lovely portly red-head who travels from Quebec every summer to our fair city to stand in front of my Starbucks and serenade passersby with his three flutes/recorders. One is played through each nostril, and one in his mouth. It's seriously awesome. I was lamenting his absence when summer started, since his arrival usually signifies the beginning of this short season. But I'm quite happy that he made it for at least the last dregs of the warmer weather. Sigh.

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