Thursday, August 6, 2009

Quillinan: Saving the world one offcut at a time

This girl is incredible. Susi of Quillinan told me she'd be posting some clothing soon, but I wasn't expecting such a great and sizable collection! There are so many things to love about these pieces. First of all, the 'Rag and Bone' collection is as eco-friendly as you can get, as each piece is made entirely of offcuts saved from the waste of Lima's textile district and the designer's own scraps. Then the photos are wonderfully forlorn, taken in a semi-abandoned mall and Susi's bathroom. I can just hear how these organic pieces echo their lonely loveliness (or lovely loneliness?) off the walls. Also, each piece is a one-off, with captivating titles such as 'numero30 zip dress' and 'numero116 tank top', each concisely indicating the type of clothing and the number of saved offcuts used to create the piece. Furthermore, each piece falls neatly into my monochrome palette. AND, each piece is more than reasonably priced in my mind, with each piece coming in at $60 and under. Sigh. Which to choose now...

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