Monday, August 24, 2009

And the September curator of The Shop is...

Now here's some exciting news! The September collection of NJAL's The Shop will be curated by Lara Stone, Dutch supermodel. I'm much more excited about this collection than this month's, as I think Lara is a bit more relatable for me in terms of fashion taste compared to Amanda Lepore. First of all, we're the same age (well, I'm a couple months older). Second, Lara has gapped teeth, and I used to. Third, we both are known for our "fierceness of personality and strong individualism", although that's only be said aloud of Lara as far as I know.

...Okay, so maybe we aren't all that similar, especially in regards to the whole supermodel thing. Nonetheless, she's gorgeous and has been clothed (or partially clothed) in some of the most beautiful clothing ever made, so I'm interested to see what she would pick for herself from the designers on NJAL. Let's just hope the picks, set to be posted in The Shop the day after my birthday, aren't all supermodel-sized.

And in other exciting related news, some of the lookbooks uploaded by designers onto NJAL will soon become individual online shops! I think this is a great move for NJAL to make some designers' work more accessible. There's always the option of contacting the designer through NJAL's email system, or Googling the designer to find if they have an up-to-date website and/or an Etsy shop. But I think new feature will transform NJAL into an even bigger resource for fashion aficionados!

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