Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Convertible convert

Today, whilst walking towards my daily coffee, I was stopped by a lovely woman and her wonderful deaf dog. One of the two was mostly interested in the taste of my hand, but the other was mostly interested in my dress (first picture below), which apparently is "the frickin' coolest thing" she had ever seen. This encounter led me to thinking about my wardrobe and the conclusion that the recession has changed what I look for in a piece of clothing. 

I'm generally not spending less, as should probably be the case. Rather, I have unconsciously been more selective in my purchases, a process which has inevitably led me to purchase higher-end clothing. This may not make sense at first glance. However, I think it's entirely justifiable to spend more on one piece of clothing which will: a) be current across many future seasons (and sizes) because of its timeless style AND quality, and b) be both versatile and convertible in nature, meaning that I can wear it many different ways, such as different layering techniques, different lengths, detachable sleeves, etc. Also, such a convertible quality lends one piece to be styled completely differently by each individual wearer, meaning you may never even realize you're wearing the same dress as that girl over there. With two of my last few purchases (and my next future purchase) coming out on top via this fashion rule of natural selection, I'm now wondering if designers have picked up on this and have adjusted their designs accordingly, or if it's just somehow a trend completely separate from the economy. Hmmm... At any rate, the contents of my closet have dramatically changed within the last 12 months from random under-$50 pieces I might wear once or twice in a year to a sufficient stock of quality pieces which will get me through the next few years (and every season). And that makes me feel quite comfortable, especially in the event that I do the right thing and cut up that dangerous piece of plastic.

Double T-Shirt Dress by Take Off Your Clothes, featuring an oversized fit and convertible hood/cowl neck; available in grey, black, or white.

Two-face Dress by complexgeometries, featuring no definite front or back, two drawstring collars for coverage options, and the possibility to wear as a halter dress; available in black or grey.

Convertible Gun Metal Grey Taffeta and Eco Bamboo Knit Dress by Attila Design, featuring snaps and straps to change the length and amount of gathers. Can also be ordered in a shorter length and/or without the detachable sleeves.

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