Monday, August 31, 2009

Cut and Paste, Part 2

Yes, this is Queen Michelle's post for today (and thus, images via Kingdom of Style). But I can't get over how beautiful the pairing of Queen Michelle and this dress is. What you are seeing here is the most recent collaboration between Her Highness and Angie, the genius behind Norwegian Wood. This dress is not entirely my style, as you might have guessed by the leather and the bodycon fit. But have you ever seen something fit and suit someone so well that wasn't hand tailored on the intended wearer? And that oversized zipper is just phenomenal. If Angie would consider making this in a sturdy twill instead of leather and maybe with draped stretch tulle as the 'ribs' rather than jersey (blasphemy, I know), I'd definitely sign myself up for one. And goodness, I pray I look that good in 10 years. Sigh.

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