Friday, August 21, 2009

Me, a leggings virgin? That's preposterous!

I am a leggings virgin no longer. Well, I won't be in 2ish weeks. I realized that I needed to break down and get a pair because of my obsession with my ArtLab Andromache dress(es!). I just couldn't decide if I should get black or a grey. And I knew that I wanted a regular rise or higher-waisted fit. And as I loathe going into American Apparel, and Bobelly was on vacation and out of the fabric I liked, I just hadn't purchased any. Then, when I saw these beauties last night in the fabulous Norwegian Wood Etsy shop, I nearly cried 'Eureka!' out loud. Just like Angie, I'm in love with elbow patches on grandpa sweaters and jackets. So I think the knee detailing is simply brilliant. And, these are both grey and black, so I didn't have to choose one colour. And they're a regular rise. AND they're warmer for the fall weather which is here already. Hurray!

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