Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blogs and high-rise undies

Have you ever Googled your own blog name? Try it, it's a scream. I was quite happy to see a steep increase in readers the past couple of days, so I thought I'd see if I'm being linked/mentioned somewhere I don't know about. And I stumbled upon a couple of blogs that seem to just copy and paste whole entries from other blogs, sans pictures. These blogs seem to run on a particular theme such as 'shoes' or 'MacBeth', and copy a random blog entry containing the particular word pertaining to that blog. The weirdest thing though is that they seem to have been translated into another language and then translated back again into English, since my writing sounds very 'Engrish' and pretty incomprehensible (check this one out for example, and compare it to my original blog). I sure hope my blog doesn't actually sound like that!

Anywho, it dawned on me last night that I've never written about my wonderful undies. I got these fantastic high-rise panties from Etsyian TwinSyndrome, and I've never looked back. They are a tad too toasty on summery summer days, but, alas, yesterday was laundry day and they were my only option. But on colder days (which is the majority of my year) and days when I'm lagging on my usual layering habit, these provide excellent peek-a-boo-free security. I seem to remember them being especially wonderful whilst cross-country skiing last winter. A must-have fall/winter accessory (yes, undies can be accessories).

Is it wrong to want to be cross-country skiing right now? Hmm...Well, I'm off to rid myself of my blonde roots. Why can't my hair just grow black like I want it to? Sigh.

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