Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carly Hunter, bustier/kanga extraordinaire

So, I've decided what Quillinan neck piece I shall grace my credit card bill with. But is it the right decision?!! Does it matter?!! No! Why? Because my man has come home!!! And I've finally had a proper sleep!!! Oh, and because I'll own a Quillinan piece. 

In other news, I love Carly Hunter's A/W 09 'Royal' collection. The modified kanga pocket/faux bustier detailing is so striking, and a very pleasant combination of two of my favorite things (corsets and hoodies). Definitely something I'd want to rock quite regularly once the weather becomes colder (so, tomorrow). 

My favorite piece overall, however, is the long dress with the drawstring bottom. I'm praying that that is my good friend, jersey. Oh goodness, I'm pretty sure I can do away with pants forever if I can add more pieces like this to my wardrobe. And that would make me quite happy. Except I'm keeping my Joe's Jeans, thank you.

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