Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I heart NJAL

Prompted by the cold weather and, yes, my daily ogling of the Layered Trousers, I espied in The Shop this interesting unisex jumper (which "gives a look of being touched from many directions") and wanted to see more of this designer, butterflysoulfire. And I'm in love. That stuffed collar on the square felt coat is oh so dramatic and yet, I think, functional. Then there's my daily dose of lovely flowy jersey. And I love that many of the pieces in the A/W 08/09 collection are unisex. I think I need those checkered pants. They will bring me back to my ska days...

And then imagine my delight when I discovered more collections posted on btfsf's own website! Simply amazing monochrome pieces in their A/W 09 collection, called 'Telescope and Envelope' (of which the white gloves jumper is a part of). I think a trip to Germany is in order.

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