Friday, August 27, 2010

complexgeometries, A/W 10

The long-awaited day has come! Well, the Lady Gaga portion of the day is long-awaited seeing as I bought the ticket long long ago. And the complexgeometries portion of the day is long-awaited as I've come to learn that their collections always look better in the online shop photos, and I tend to like the A/W collections better than the S/S ones. I'm even more excited about A/W this time around, as there's more than enough jersey, mesh, silk, and wool/tencel pieces to delight my wardrobe. And there's a men's wool jacket version of the beloved stifler hoodie that I adopted from my man! That's going to be the higher-end cg piece of the collection that I pine after this season. Especially if it comes out in a woman's version. Sigh.

In other Canadian fashion news, there's some sample pieces from mono's FLIGHT series up for sale in the super saletime monoshop Etsy shop! I'm telling you, these prices are absolute steals. The scarf dress for $159?!! I'd want to add a tip for Heather just because I'd feel bad paying that little for that gorgeous piece...

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