Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am all right

The man and I saw two films this weekend which were incredibly different from each other, and yet rather alike. I've heard about I Am Love (or, lo sono l'amore) for ages in the blogosphere. I don't quite remember exactly why, but it was something about Tilda Swinton's wardrobe. And while she was definitely impeccably dressed for most of the film, it seems like the scenes where she's not wearing anything stand out more... At any rate, I thought it was a very powerful film in which everything seemed to happen right at the end. It was almost overwhelmingly emotional at the end actually, so it was almost a relief that Tilda wasn't wearing something beautiful by that point. Then today, we saw The Kids Are All Right. Now, this film wasn't in Italian, didn't emphasize Italian fashion, and had the adorable Mark Ruffalo. So the connection? Both films had such amazing performances, realistic situations, and little character development, a mixture that left me feeling like I had just spied on each family for two hours. I personally like movies like this. They're a tad stressful, as they feel like those uncomfortable dinners at other people's houses where the hosts have a domestic squabble that we can't help but listen in on while we're staring at our plates. Nonetheless, it seems rather imaginative nowadays to do something normal and relatable...not that I've had an affair with a sexy Italian chef/Californian organic gardener whilst married to an Italian aristocrat/doctor of the same sex... 

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