Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Purple rain, purple rain

Tomorrow I'll have been back from my second NY trip for two weeks already. And though I was rather happy to get home this time around (as opposed to the near contempt for my hometown when I came back in September), I still feel like I haven't quite returned home yet. I'm in this strange limbo where I'm still nursing the same injury that threatened to ruin my precious time in NY (and which is still at the same intensity), I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop when I go back to work (every morning), and I'm still living out of a bag (just a garbage bag, as opposed to a carry-on). And the only things that interest me are those that are very closely related to NY: the only (non-scrub) clothes I have access to (or want to wear) right now are my mydearthings (of which you can stuff a lot into a single plastic bag), all I want to do during the day is sit in Central Park with a bagel and a book (preferably The Unbearable Lightness of Being, my copy of which was bought at Strand and has its passages about New York dog-eared), all I want to listen to is Prince, and all I want to watch at night is The Colbert Report (check out my '...about me...' page for a brief illustration) and The Daily Show (though I couldn't really watch any DVDs right now anyway, with the DVD-filled Rubbermaids buried in the center of the room and the TV too far away from an outlet). I'm even certain that my second-hand vaccuum (with which I have to go over every inch of carpet every day for the next 14 days following our unwelcome dose of toxic chemicals) smells absolutely identical to the subway. Sigh. Wake me up when there's a seat sale to Newark.

1st photo (via Facebook): Looks like a more mountainous representation of my hometown, but instead is from a photo shoot from NY label InAisce, from whom I got a gorgeous jacket at a sample sale the fateful day my foot became too far gone.

2nd photo (via A piece from Sarah Burton's F/W 11 McQueen collection, as worn by Finnish model Kirsi Pyrhonen, who waited for a downtown #1 train beside me after walking past me and roughly 1499 other people in one of my favorite hairdos from Fashion's Night Out: The Show in September.

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