Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jeremy Laing

I managed to fit in some Internets time today, amid having some spectacular waffles, playing with my new toy (a secondhand Hoover that really sucks - vacuum jokes never get old), finally getting back on the bike after a month of sickness, injury, and bedbug treatment preparation, and making a delicious tofu meal (the same recipe as here, but with broccoli instead of brussel sprouts). Anyway, I was rewarded with the discovery of a Canadian designer whom I would've thought I would know about by now, but I spose there's no time like the present. Jeremy Laing and his designs appeal to me not just because he's Canadian, but because he's self taught and both apprenticed and freelanced for Alexander McQueen. I think this background is quite easily seen in Jeremy's collections, as there are both draped and more freeform pieces, as well as tailored pieces. His F/W 11 collection (above) is what I imagine Kat Stratford would've worn on the red carpet if her girl band had formed and become successful, or if she became that favorite English teacher who gracefully aged into retirement. And with the spell of the long drawn winter perhaps finally being broken, these pieces from Jeremy's S/S 11 collection (below; photos via are what I would like to see being worn on the streets as I people watch from my computer chair. Just one more week until I actually have a couch...

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