Sunday, March 20, 2011

Felipe Rojas Llanos

Mystery solved! Remember those delightful coats and jackets from an unknown Central Saint Martins grad last year? Well, doing some browsing around NJAL's The Shop brought to my attention a design which looked familiar for some reason, and a couple of clicks later, I realized that it was from the same designer of that grad collection. The designer, Felipe Rojas Llanos, who is Chilean-born, Swedish-raised, and London-based, has developed that style I fell for from his CSM show through two collections, both shown at London Fashion Week. 

I would love to incorporate a few of these pieces into my own wardrobe, as I'm totally digging the minimalist yet slightly futuristic look. I'm trying to push for just that when we finally get to move our things back into the apartment beginning tomorrow, though such a change may be farther in the future than I would like.

Photos at top (via NJAL): Felipe's 'Suspended Animation' collection (completely made from silk and technical fabric)
Photos in the middle (via NJAL): S/S 11 'Legion' collection
Photos at the bottom (via F/W 11 collection

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