Monday, March 28, 2011

Clear The Bar, Volume 1

One unfortunate thing about the last few weeks of living like a nomad is that I've only had a minute here and there to scour the Internets to find stuff to blog about. This has resulted in scores of bookmarks without any attached notes on just what I was thinking when I bookmarked a certain site/designer/piece. So this here is a mix tape of sorts that in no way follows the rules set out by Rob Gordon. I simply need to clean up my bookmarks bar and start fresh this week. Just like with my apartment, really. As soon as I get up off the couch (yes! I do have a couch now!), I will start tackling the mammoth project entitled Operation: Unpack the Countless Garbage Bags of Clothing and Fill Some Back Up In The Process. Meaning that I simply must get rid of some clothing. Expect to see some new listings in my shop soon. IYI, the current listings have all had their prices dropped. If I don't get rid of at least one garbage bag of clothing through the mail, it's going the normal route of filled garbage bags...

Track 1: Love love love these A/W 11/12 looks by Ukrainian designer, Lera Pechenaya (found via NJAL, photos via Ukrainian Fashion Week).

Track 2: "Do you like Coke? I like the idea of it more than I actually like it." (COMEFORBREAKFAST's S/S 11 collection)

Track 3: I hate when lookbooks are posted like this, as I'd prefer to see one picture at a time for more detail. This is from a collection inspired by 'the parabolic movements of heavenly bodies throughout the night sky' from Aussie-born, UK-based designer Kate Williams.

Track 4: I would want this dress from Swedish label Noir & Blanc (from designers Linnéa Carlgren and Petra Thoms) if it weren't made of a polyester blend.

Track 5: See Track 2 (Stephanie Grace Foy's A/W 11/12 collection)

Track 6: Not big on white lingerie, but I like these designs from Polish designer Anna K, especially as they're inspired by the Moscow Subway System. I miss the subway in NY.

Track 7: As if I want to see more snow, but the photos for French designer Lilly Marthe Ebener's (handmade, 100% natural alpaca wool blend) F/W 11/12 collection are rather breathtaking, including random non-fashion shots of wolves and whatnot. I'm going to start reading White Fang as soon as I've completed this mix tape.

Track 8: Belgian designer Johan Åkesson has finally answered the often-asked question: 'What do I carry my house plants around in?' IYI, that red is the exact shade of my new 20-some-year-old sectional couch. Awesome.

Track 9: Hey Raphaëlle Limi, leave a little texture for the rest of us, eh?

Track 10: Ever since getting the mono Scarf Dress, I've been seeing Tyvek used more and more, such as by Polish label/project UEG.

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