Sunday, April 3, 2011


Though we've already seen the bARBARA Í gONGINI A/W 11 collection, the near perfection of the collection, coupled with the fact that the lookbook just dropped into my inbox, calls for a second post on the matter. The lookbook also included an explanation on the difference between the bÍg main line (above) and the bÍg black line (below). The main line is the label's high-end collection, sticking to a black palette and using avant garde principles to use the square as the starting form for each piece. While the pieces are rather androgynous, they are mainly conceived of as being worn by us girls. The main line is given a rating of '80% sustainable', with the use of organic cotton, organic wool, rubber, metal, artificial silk, and bi-product usage of fur and leather. 

The black line, which I am more partial to, is considered bÍg's basic line. While it also uses avant garde principles and the square as the main form, the pieces are more functional and convertible, and are geared towards both women and men. The colour palette is also a little more variable, including some greys and olive with the requisite black. This line, which is also given an '80% sustainable' rating, is made of organic cotton, nylon, and wool. Really, based on the black line, I don't see why bÍg feels the need to use any fur or leather at all. I mean, just look at this brilliant jacket below, which could also be worn short, thanks to the buttons/snaps. You, jacket, are going in My Top 3 Want List.

And because I couldn't find a good place to insert a link above, click here to go to the bÍg site (though you should already have it bookmarked anyway).

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