Monday, February 7, 2011


One of the things that is most unfortunate about living in Canada is the fact that I cannot attend the fashion weeks that I want to. A post on Dirty Flaws reminded me of this, as I had received an invitation to bARBARA Í gONGINI's A/W 11 presentation, but was unable to fly to Copenhagen. I'll blame the family reunion for that. And, you know, space and time. Anyway, I'll have to slightly retract my statement from my Thursday post about my favorite collection of A/W 11, as bARBARA Í gONGINI's newest ethically produced offerings will have to share the spotlight with Txell Miras. There's simply no way around it. And I think this is entirely reasonable, as one collection is minimal, whilst the other is drapery to the max. I also think it might be healthy to have a little bit of colour in my dream A/W 11 wardrobe, hence why I quite enjoy the little bit of beige/khaki thrown into Barbara's collection. Not to mention the rather surprising but welcome addition of zippers into Barbara's regular strapped aesthetic, and those shoes that remind me of the sadly neglected Tom's wrap boots in my entry way (hey, fabric and elastic doesn't quite cut it in -25 degrees). Below are my favorite looks of the collection, though really I'm just randomly picking some photos as I pretty much equally love them all.

Well, maybe I shouldn't say I randomly picked them. Truth is, I've had coats on my mind for the last little while, as I've been thinking of replacing my 6-year-old (and incredibly shapeless) winter coat sooner than later. And though I'd snatch up one of these in a heartbeat (especially the one on the left, which looks like it would double as a sleeping bag if need be), as they won't be available for quite sometime, I can readily admit that, for some reason, winter coats of the shiny persuasion have caught my eye as of late. However, I'm thinking I have Barbara to thank for that with her use of coated and nylon fabrics, so I think that a coat from Barbara's earlier collections are in the running (see below).

The question is, how warm would a lined nylon coat really be? If anyone is willing to help me find out, there's still some pieces left in my shop... Just saying.

(Runway photos via Copenhagen Fashion Week site. P.S. Click on each photo twice for some beautiful zooming.)

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