Friday, February 25, 2011

Alexandra Groover, A/W 11

And I'm back! Just like Alexandra Groover, who has just posted this video that was shown to a lucky few last week in London. 'BIRTH' is the first of a trilogy of shorts that feature Alexandra's fifth collection and her continued use of convertible noir garments, which this time are constructed out of squares of fabric. This film kinda sorta freaks me out, but I am still recovering from a week of having the worst cold ever, followed by a week of being unable to walk, followed by 15 hours of horrendous travel homeward, six of which were on one flight that was dominated by 120 symphony members who seemed to have erroneous information on the standing policies of an aircraft flying tens of thousands of feet above the ground through turbulent air. In fact, any sounds of distress within 'BIRTH' pretty much matches the sounds I was making inside my head whilst I was trapped in the very back corner of the packed plane, aka airborne crazy train. I dearly love New York, but goodness it's good to be home.

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