Sunday, February 27, 2011

Central Saint Martins, F/W 11

The one runway show that I most look forward to during the fashion weeks is that of the Central Saint Martins grads. I did see a few photos from the show when I had a few minutes on a computer at the New York Public Library, but today is the first time I got to sit down and look through all of the 204 photos up on And, quite frankly, I wasn't completely blown away with this batch of emerging designers, though I know graduate collections shouldn't fix my judgement of these individuals for the rest of their careers. Nonetheless, this review of the CSM F/W 11 show is really a review of one designer, with a couple of his colleagues. So, let's start with the colleagues. 

First up is Daniel Lee. I'm not entirely impressed with the creation of shape by tying knots in the fabric in the majority of Daniel's pieces (as seen in the above photo on the left), as it basically looks like someone just put a little more thought into their costume for a toga party. I do, however, really enjoy the stamped print on the plaid that is seen throughout the collection, and the dress seen above on the right is one of my favorite pieces from the entire CSM show.

Second is Pier Wu. His collection is hands down the best menswear of the group, with a lovely mixture of medieval inspiration and clean minimalist shapes. I'd definitely keep an eye out on this guy, especially as I'd very comfortably wear his designs.

And for the remainder of the post, let me introduce to you Viktor Smedinge. A few of Viktor's pieces aren't entirely wearable, and most shouldn't be worn by those who are very conscious of their shape. However, as you may know, Beauty and the Beast is near and dear to my heart, so it's nice to see that Cogsworth is getting the credit he deserves, albeit on the runway.

And now, off to watch the Oscars! 

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