Friday, February 11, 2011

Marie Saint Pierre, F/W 11

This is the collection I was holding my breath to see yesterday. Okay, I slightly jest, as I couldn't really breathe anyway. But ever since discovering the 'grand dame of Montreal fashion', I have been looking forward to revisiting Montreal as soon as possible so that I can visit a Marie Saint Pierre boutique and see her gorgeous work in person. I will remain content for now at simply seeing photos of her impeccably tailored coats and must-have dresses, especially with offerings such as her F/W 11 collection, which closed Montreal's fashion week yesterday. With such a classic and streamlined look, not to mention the perfect colour palette and spot-on accessories, I think Marie knows exactly what she's doing (though a tommy gun wouldn't have been out of place here). In fact, I almost want to say this is my favorite F/W 11 collection... 

And here's one more, just because both the dress and this shot are awesome.

(Photos by Montreal-based photographer, Julia C. Vona. P.S. Click twice on each photo to zoom in.)

Edit: Eek! I just discovered that a couple of shops in NY carry MSP, with no less than two in Brooklyn. Oh what fun I shall have...

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