Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Academy of Art, F/W 11

With all my efforts directed at attaining a clean bill of health for my post-NYFW trip, I had forgotten about the one NYFW show which I looked forward to most last season. So, though I should've been packing or stuffing things into mini bottles, I've spent the last few hours looking for and looking at videos and photos of this season's Academy of Art University show, which took place last week. And though it was easy to pick out my favorite from last year's graduates, this year a few of the designers have caught my eye.

1) Dejchat Sriyoopum. Dejchat began his studies in Thailand, where he was a designer and instructor before going to the States. His inspirations of architecture and Victorian era women are clearly seen in these looks which I would gladly wear to a gallery opening or to the library.

2) Holly Smith. Holly worked at Coach before getting her MFA in Fashion Design. I'm thinking that was a good move, with these gorgeously sleek pieces inspired by the double crested cormorant, a water-diving bird. 

3) Hurst Chang-Wei Lin. Hurst's background in Chinese Literature and as a magazine editor have led to the interesting pairing of warm winter fabrics with stainless steel mesh (or, as I call it, mithril). I love every single one of Hurst's looks, hence the extra photos (make sure you double click to see the details).

4) Stephanie Gelot. Sure, Stephanie's collection isn't usual kOs fare, but it should be obvious that I have a thing for the nomadic look, especially cozy ones which are perfect for a snowy day. And this MFA in Knitwear Design grad just happens to be Canadian.

5) Jonathan David Baker. I think it's obvious that I like the layered look. So, coming from this MFA in Knitwear Design grad who just happens to also be a hair stylist that has worked for the only hair salon I will go to (Aveda), his Japanese underground culture inspired collection is almost right up my alley. I say almost as it's really a shame that Jonathan felt the need to use foxes to complete his looks, especially as it seems he could have ready access to unwanted hair that didn't involve death. Heck, I just left a bunch of my noir locks on the floor at Aveda the other day. Sigh. 

If you have about sixteen minutes to spare, you can watch the entire show here. Let me know what your favorite designer or look is. Now, off to see some Finnish folk metal!

(Photos via Fashionising.com)

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