Monday, February 28, 2011

Requiem for a Dream 10

Ooo, do I ever want this dress. I'm very happy to discover a new-ish Etsy shop entitled Madame Chic De France, which features the fantastic creations of a Sweden-based French designer named Jenny Eve, as well as some great vintage pieces from her collection. I actually just indirectly encountered this shop while in NY, as I met up with a very happy designer who had just purchased and received a 1980s CdG jacket from Jenny. I would love to post a whole heap of photos of Jenny's own designs right now, but I'm unfortunately on a laptop that would undoubtably seek to end my life and subsequently take over at least this section of my city if it had appendages or weapons attached with which to do so. So here are a mere two photos, both of Jenny's breathtaking (and free sized) 'Requiem for a Dream 10' dress, which was hand-sewn over three days from over four yards of draped and braided cotton and silk blend jersey. It definitely makes me think more of Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan than of his Requiem for a Dream, but I appreciate any reference to his work (whether that was Jenny's meaning or not). I also appreciate anything that is not white right now, as the weather seems to have forgotten that it is now the time for precipitation in the form of rain and NOT more snow. Sigh.

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