Friday, May 7, 2010

Super Best Friends

I absolutely love having non-weekend days off, where my only excuse for dressing up is to sit at Starbucks and read 50 or so pages of my book, and perhaps pick up a lovely parcel at the post office. And today's outfit is a keeper, deemed 'cute' by my man. It consisted of the following:

1 ArtLab Oversized Revolutionary Jacket (this piece can do no wrong)
1 Liza Rietz Points Dress (yes, the one in Liza's ad in the sidebar - it's amazing - it has incredible volume because of the origami-like layers, and yet the almost wrinkle proof fabric is so light that it can be smooshed down to show that you don't need all that room)
1 Pixies tour t-shirt (from their stop in Vancouver on the 2nd lap of their 2004 reunion tour)
1 complexgeometries long leggings (which kept falling down! what the cuss?! will stick in dryer for a few minutes next laundry day; photo from Reborn)
1 set of pigtails

In other news, the snow has almost finally melted (did I mention our freak snow storm the other day?), and the one Scarf Dress at Nokomis has been sold to a stylish soul. Moral crisis averted! Also, I finally found something awesome for my man's 30th anniversary of being born. Phewf! Ever since I flew to Kentucky to surprise him, his birthday has been a stressful event for me. Can never top that one.

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