Tuesday, May 4, 2010

complexgeometries, A/W 10

Already? But Clayton dearest, I haven't gotten over the last collection yet! Ah well, I shall not complain. Especially as there's about half a foot of snow outside my door right now, and such a lovely surprise is just what I needed. Sigh. Also, this might be the first new complexgeometries collection whose lookbook photos I truly like and don't feel the need to wait for the online shop photos to be won over. The A/W 10 collection is entitled 'in search of truth', and is inspired by mythology and "the shrouded garb of religious ceremony." A few of these pieces look like previous cg collections melded with Alexandra Groover's A/W 10 collection and SunnO))) robes, meaning that it is full of awesome. Hooded robes, billowy shawls, ultratight panelled knit leggings (are those long leggings I see?), skin-baring unitards, heavy wools, ethereal silks, ultra-soft baby alpaca knits... And it's a good thing I've recently been reconciled with navy (thanks Lauren!). Sure, the collection as a whole is not particularly mind blowing if you're already familiar with the established cg look, but I take comfort in that. It's good knowing he's out there. The Dude...err, Clayton. Takin' 'er easy for all us sinners. And remaking the Strangler/Stifler hoodie in the process. As the collection description says, "the collection invites one on a pilgrimage to the realm of purity, achieving a perfectly balanced holy trinity of shape, form, and material." Amen.

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