Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Badgers can't be choosers

I'm having issues finding something I want to post. I'm currently going through Eddie Izzard withdrawal, and seem to just be typing in 'eddie izzard' over and over into my Google search box. (Indeed, I just closed about fifteen Mr. Izzard related windows since my usually fast MacBook was beginning to run unusually slow.) Have you ever looked forward to something so much for so long that you just don't know what to do with yourself once that thing has come and gone? Yeah. Eddie Izzard is my hero. And a super hero at that. Monday night was indescribably amazing (so happy he showed up in both his dashing tuxedo jacket and in 'girl mode') and I curse my bad memory for being unable to replay it in my mind on a constant loop (such as the superb bit about Latin that had me crying). I also curse the fact that he'll be in a Broadway show ("Race") that only runs till August 21st, 20 days before my arrival. Sigh. At any rate, here's a pretty dress by David Longshaw. I miss the days of colouring books, and would happily wear something I can doodle on. But, as they say, badgers can't be choosers.

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