Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ewa Cylwik

I had Polish designer Ewa Cylwik's NJAL page bookmarked a few days ago and was just reminded when I saw her featured on this week's NJAL front page. While saving the photos to my desktop, I was trying to think of how to describe these wonderfully eye-catching pieces without reading the description of the collection as, quite frankly, I have a rental movie awaiting my viewing. What I came up with was that many of the pieces look like a somewhat freestyle building blocks project by a designer using pattern pieces as the 'blocks'. Then, as my man turned on today's Giro d'Italia video, thus giving me a few pre-movie minutes, I decided to read the description of this A/W 10 collection, entitled '_vacuum', afterall:

AW10 collection _vacuum was inspired by the mechanisms of creation. Many contemporary physicists believe that matter is created through collisions of elementary particles. I have decided to determine such core elements of fashion design and imagined pattern-making particles - pieces of garments' patterns - colliding. As a result new designs emerged - some of the clothes' layers were multiplied, some were misplaced, some overlapped each other. Some garments merged together, other looked as if there was a void spot left after a missing 'particle'. Collision became the moment of creation.

So, I think I was pretty close, eh? Anyway, I especially love this organza dress, as it invites you to look into its very soul (though it might not be pretty, as an inside piece appears to be seeking escape to the outside). Reminds me of Stacey Grant's jacket made from her father's pattern in organza to show the garment's inner workings.

Now, on to watch Ethan Hawke save the world as a vampire. Then tomorrow methinks I shall post the first of my summer series of interviews. Anyone wanting to know a little bit more about Amanda deLeon? I'll meet you here.

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