Thursday, May 20, 2010

Layo Gbadamosi

My goodness I love this piece. Such a brilliant combination of Vivienne Westwood mixed with the goddess Athena. This is by a Nigerian-born fashion design student at Parsons by the name of Layo Gbadamosi, and is a part of this year's AAS Line Debut. I just can't stop staring at it. And it doesn't hurt that it has a gorgeous red lining, just like Mr. Izzard's jacket on Monday... I almost feel bad that I'm not totally pumped to see the iconic Henry Rollins tomorrow night just because I'm still hooked on Eddie. Indeed, I just finished watching a moderately bad rental just because he had a role in it (as a super villain at that!). Followed by reading reviews of Monday's show, which was a good refresher on the bits I had already forgotten. I curse my bad memory, but three hours of hilarious material is a lot to completely absorb when you're laughing so hard your entire face hurts. Really, the only downside of the night was that it had to end. And we didn't stick around to try and meet him. Anyway, let's just hope that the second rental (yes, with Eddie in it as well, this time as Charlie Chaplin) is a bit better. And that it has some more jazz chickens...

(Photo via Aneta Genova at Bobbin Talk)

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