Saturday, May 22, 2010

Unnamed Bunny, R.I.P.

Patricia sure knows how to make the simplest items just perfect (and very wearable with other ArtLab pieces). I absolutely adore my ArtLab Star Trek Princess dress' shoulder detailing, so these new ArtLab tanks are a good alternative when the dress is in the wash. The black one would look so perfect with my number one dream item, of course being the ArtLab Athena's Head Covering. And I think the grey one would look brilliant under the ArtLab Charlie Chaplin Couture Bib, which unfortunately I couldn't wear to Beauty and the Beast as a result of the shoulder getting crushed during storage. Next time I have it in mind to wear, I'll have to take it out of its box more than 10 minutes before departure time...

And Patricia's circle scarves! I only own one circle scarf (from the lovely Jaana), and I think they're a sorely neglected category in my scarf collection. Not that traditional scarves are that difficult to wear, but circle scarves make for effortless accessorizing. Though I don't really consider scarves accessories. I'm rambling. I'm a tad (i.e. very) distraught over seeing a dying (not dead) animal on my way home. Sigh. I'm going to be a wreck when I finally get my own pet.

...Speaking of Charlie Chaplin, here's hoping Eddie Izzard in The Cat's Meow takes my mind off of death for a couple of hours.

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