Sunday, May 16, 2010

Samantha Cole London

Though I suppose it's not all that evident lately, the colour black reigns supreme here on kOs. However, a fabulous dress of the blanc persuasion has made me reconsider the other side of the colour spectrum (and yes, I know neither black or white are really in the colour spectrum...). Thus I am quite taken with the newest collection from Samantha Cole London (remember that glorious smocked LBD?). These pieces are collectively entitled 'A New Dawn', with the structure inspired by postmodern architecture, and the texture inspired by geometric architecture, such as found in the Egyptian pyramids. Brilliant, no? While such a dress in black would quickly be deemed absolutely perfect by me, I would definitely don one of these frocks in no less than two seconds if given the chance. Sigh.

P.S. I must say: 'Eek!' Before pressing 'Publish Post', I discovered that Samantha has an online boutique on her site. Beware! There are a number of pieces from earlier collections (including that smocked LBD), all of which are too incredible to pass up, in part because they can be ordered from a UK size 8-16. Uh-oh.

Edit: Good news for my money, bad news for my wardrobe: SCL ships within the UK and Europe only. Curses. If someone feels the need to buy me a present in the form of a SCL Black Cotton Wrap Top, I'm a size UK 12. Just saying.

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