Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beauty and Barbara Munsel

Last night's Christmas gift was more wonderful than I could've imagined. My man took me to The Citadel to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and it was nothing short of incredible. I had been looking forward to this so much since seeing the spectacular costumes on display. My favorite parts were the set pieces which moved around via the live gargoyle statues, and, of course, Lumière. Doesn't this photo, capturing the end of the beloved "Be Our Guest" number, look 100% epic? 

And of course, I was excited as it would be an opportunity to dress up in my finest. Once I got home from work and had a refreshing nap, I commenced Operation Find an Outfit. I basically pulled out every classy piece I had in my wardrobe, including my wedding dress. I ended up with a pairing that will definitely be revisited, as I felt both beautiful and comfy in it, being the ink coloured mydearthing Husband Dress (worn as a top), and my PINaR ERIS high-waisted skirt, with the back let down as a train, and the front cinched up a bit. Oh, it was wonderful. 

I had nothing on all the adorable little girls who made up a good third of the audience though, as many had dressed up as princesses. If I ever have the chance to see this production again, I will definitely have to get a hold of one of Barbara Munsel's amazing creations. They're absolutely breathtaking, and fit for a modern day princess. In fact, if Belle had lived in today's time, I'm sure she would've picked a Barbara Munsel gown to get away from her provincial life. I know I would. Sigh.

(Beauty and the Beast photos via The Citadel)

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