Tuesday, August 16, 2011


1) Nearly a full year after laying eyes on Konrad Parol's pea coat version, I still love the idea of a coat/cape hybrid. This one (squint to see) is from the F/W 11/12 collection of Italian designer Barbara Bologna's AREA label (found via Queen Michelle's post today). By the way, do you think that whole braid is real?

2) I still love the S/S 11 collection from Yohji Yamamoto. Still ridiculously expensive even on the end-of-season rack, but more tempting after seeing multiple angles of these pieces on LN-CC.

3) Still love this song from Canadian duo City of Glass. Not that the song is that old, seeing as the EP (The Diving Bell) just came out in June, but the new video reminded me how much I like it. These are stand up guys that I'll always remember after sharing a pretty much magical evening in Vancouver years ago with them, a couple of their college mates, and my man. The details of how we all got from place to place are now all a bit fuzzy, but I do know that bowling was involved. Possibly also zombies.

4) Which reminds me: I had the NJAL page of (Central Saint Martins) fashion grad Marina Beresford bookmarked because I liked this dress/look and the fact that Marina titled her collection after (the film version of) The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Now that I look at them together though, I think that looped skirt is what made the S/S 11 Yohji collection resurface in my mind (you can see the denim version of the Yohji skirt here). Hmm, I suddenly would like a loopy skirt.

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