Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Goodness, I do not want to be thinking of fall and needing to wear a jacket. But a link on the Facebook page of a local boutique/showroom (which deserves more in-depth research) has made me at least momentarily look forward to colder weather. I had never heard of Toronto-based label Smythe (from designers Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe) before, but it seems as though much of the fashion world may have, at least subconsciously, as it's available all over the Internets, and has been worn by the likes of Miss Lively and the royal Kate. The main focus of Smythe is the (made in Canada!) tailored jacket, such as a tweed equestrian-inspired jacket or a mid-length wool coat. And, as you can see from the Fall 2011 collection above, it's a good focus. Doesn't that first piece (which is knit bouclé) remind you a tad of that CdG sweater jacket I wanted for a couple Christmases past? Well, I'd be content with this one for this coming up Christmas. (Thanks.)

Speaking of buying, it appears to be cheaper to get your own Smythe piece in North America as opposed to the UK, but the jackets on this side of the world still seem to average around $600-$950. However, if you can hold off till the end of the season and scour out a sale (such as this adorable 'Mac Jacket' seen below from the Spring 2011 collection, which is $195 at 70% off at shopbop.com), Smythe is much more affordable, making these beautiful coats even better.

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