Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So, as I said yesterday, I'd elaborate on how I came upon German label Prose. However, this morning's surfing session has altered the course of such elaboration. Let me explain. First, the other day on NJAL, I came upon Swedish label MINNAPALMQVIST (and yes, I believe the all-caps are required). I was first reeled in by the lovely sweater (above) that Minna has available in The Shop, but then I was intrigued by this line in the description of her collections: "The shapes we don't want our bodies to have are built in to the garments." Now, the reason why I find this so intriguing is that it never occurred to me that that is exactly what I look for in my wardrobe, i.e. voluminous and sagging/draping pieces to clothe my (hopefully) non-voluminous and non-sagging body. She also has a tank dress available in The Shop called 'Underwear Dress' that is meant to create "the illusion of being caught in your underwear or the looseness of skin associated with rapid weightloss." Interesting, no?

The MINNAPALMQVIST piece above in particular made me stop and ponder the ridiculousness of some women's clothing, as I've always gone home and immediately ripped out the foam or otherwise padded bra inserts that come with certain underwire bras or bathing suits. Well, I shouldn't say 'always', as there was a time when I did want to enhance what little I had. Anyway, for whatever reason, I tend not to throw out these cup-filling things, and it seems as though Minna not only does the same thing, but has also found a way to put them to use. Good stuff for a Tuesday morning.

But so, after all those words, I've realized that I've come no closer to describing how I ended up writing yesterday's post. And, as Minna deserves her own post anyway, we shall continue the explanation in the next post...

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