Saturday, August 20, 2011

Slow down

I may have to wait for the maple syrup haze to clear before knowing for sure, but I think I may have just found a new favorite label. The photo above from (Berlin-based) UMASAN's A/W 11 collection (found via NJAL) is what first got me, bringing to mind one of my favorite scenes of one of my favorite movies. Then, the silver hair (which I'd like to have in, say, twenty years) of the female model for the S/S 12 collection, and, of course, the gorgeous pieces she wears, made me look more into the label. 

As it happens, the people behind UMASAN call it a 'holistic' label. This means, first of all, that only vegan materials are used (i.e. no leather, fur, wool, or cashmere) AND they stay away from 'chemical manmade fibers' (click here to read about the materials they use, including my favorite, tencel). This is rather reassuring, as a constant conversation in my house is whether things made of vegan materials are necessarily the most environmentally friendly. Secondly, UMASAN is committed to corporate social responsibility. They clearly state that they do not make their own products, but they do make sure they work only with European mills and factories that allow them to stick to their values of environmentalism and quality. Here is where I need to not be under the influence of maple syrup to decide if 'favorite' is the proper word to use for UMASAN, as I obviously prefer to buy from labels that do everything themselves. However, I do appreciate their honesty as to what their strengths as business owners are, and their recognition that it is best to allow others with the technical abilities to produce the clothes. And lastly, the pieces are quite timeless (and somewhat unisex), as UMASAN's standard is to 'slow down' and not become part of the fast fashion industry. Meaning that these pieces (which can be purchased at the UMASAN online shop) are meant to be worn and kept for a very long time. From seeing these gorgeous jackets in particular, I don't think holding onto a UMASAN piece forever would be too hard of a task.

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